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    1. I am able to produce 6 cartridges a week, and the order backlog is over 30. So please expect that your cartridge is shipped in about 4-5 weeks.

  1. Updated shipping time to 5-6 weeks for orders placed after the 6:th of March 2019, due to additional orders placed since this article was published.

    Update 8th of March 2019. Lead time is now down to 3-4 weeks due to optimized production.

    1. Just curious when orders from Feb 15th will ship. I paid on that date. Just a rough estimate would be appreciated.
      Thank you so much Mike Feldsher

      1. Most likely your order will be shipped end of next week (15th of March). There are 6 orders before it’s your turn, and I usually produce 6-8 cartridges per week.

        1. Thank you for the response and o appreciate it. I know this is everyone hobby. I just wanted to make sure that I didn’t get forgotten about.

  2. If my order was marked complete on February 28th, does that mean it shipped then? I have order number 76 and just saw a guy with order number 100 receive his.

    1. Yes the e-mail is sent when the order has been shipped. The order numbers sometimes have gaps. If you don’t get it 4 weeks after it has been shipped, please tell me. You live a little bit further away from me than the other guy, and the estimated arrival according to the shipping service was a little bit longer for you, but if it has not arrived after 4 weeks I send you a new game.

    1. It was shipped the 8th of March. When you get an e-mail saying that your order is complete, then it has been shipped.

  3. Hi, my order #82 did not arrive yet here in Austria, it was shipped on 28th February. Thanks, greetings roland.

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