Wormhole 2000 (Atari Jaguar)


Navigate you ship in cosmos, alone, or with the of a fried in this space shooter for the ATARI Jaguar. You will travel to 12 different locations meeting alien space crafts, and other strange creatures.

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You will make a journey to a place far away in cosmos, where the universe begins. This place is said to be inhabited by a sinister creature that is using it’s location to become a God. Thus she has taken control of species on other planets that used to be friendly.

Navigate you ship in cosmos, alone, or with the of a fried. The game features:

  • 1-player, or 2-player  cooperative mode
  • 12 different stages at different locations
  • 11 different enemies
  • 4 BOSS enemies
  • Dual fire power-up, and shield power-up
  • Music by J.S. Bach, and Strauss
  • Hi-score save

The game will be delivered as a ATARI Jaguar cartridge that you plug directly into the cartridge slot on your ATARI Jaguar.

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