SpideX (Vectrex)


SpideX for Vectrex. The game is delivered in a reproduction cartridge shell, and the game plugs directly into your Vectrex console. There are 12 levels in the game, and 11 different enemy races.
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SpideX is a fast paced shooter game featuring a spider on a web. Every now and then insects get caught on the web. However, do not believe these insects is an easy meal. The spider has to hit each insect with additional web before they can be eaten, and some even attack back. There are many different types of creatures, but be careful, sometimes bombs also appear on the web. When they explode you have to move to a safe distance. On many levels blocking walls appear, where the spider can move inwards towards the web center, the other creatures can only move outside towards the web edges, and some flying creatures are not affected at all.

The game supports one, or two joysticks. With dual joysticks, one of the joysticks controls the movement of the spider, while the other joystick controls the shooting direction. When using a single joystick, holing button 4 will toggle between movement, and shooting.

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Dimensions 70 × 70 × 22 mm


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