KnightEx (Vectrex)


KnightEx for Vectrex. The game is delivered in a reproduction cartridge shell, and the game plugs directly into your Vectrex console. There are 4 different types of opponents and  many levels in the game.

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For a quick preview of the game-play, see this video:

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Put on your Armour, saddle your ostrich, and raise your lance. It’s time to face the evil knights riding vultures, starlings and eagles. Collect the eggs, but do it fast, because when they hatch, a new knight will call for a bird, and he will go after you again. If you are to slow in defeating all your opponents on a wave, a prehistoric bird appear, and she will repeatedly try to ram you. As soon as you thin you get the hang of this, the ground will start to disappear right below your feet.

KnightEx is a platform game for one player on the Vectrex, you will meet 4 different types of opponents. Collect eggs, and receive special awards for certain achievements.

Please see this video for a quick preview of some of the many exciting things that happen in this game:

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Weight 100 g
Dimensions 70 × 70 × 22 mm


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